We believe, successful search results can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of your company’s culture and business objectives. This is done through detailed preliminary meetings with a client, to understand the company’s unique environment and the company’s specific goals.

We then develop a search strategy that is designed for your needs and your company’s objectives. Throughout the search process, we are consistently in contact with you, so we stay on target, stay focused and complete the assignment in a timely and efficient manner.

Once we understand your needs, we use a variety of strategic methods to get to your important hire:

  • Targeted company list, developed through original research and industry insights.
  • Analysis of own database, containing thousands of competent professionals we know.
  • Review of previous and relevant searches for sourcing and identifying possible candidates.
  • Insights and news from industry websites, blogs, events and trending reports.
  • Calls to connected individuals, who can help by developing interest within their own network.
  • Insightful market data that we share with you, as we execute your search assignment.
  • Appropriately aggressive approach with “candidate relationship development,” as we know that the happiest candidate are frequently the most difficult to extricate from their current position.
  • Hands-on approach with every search. Access to the Managing Principal, Phil Leon at all times.
  • Goal is to fulfill each search timely and effectively.

This is done after we clearly determine the level, experience and compensation range of the role, create an enticing and provocative Position Description and develop a list of appropriate companies and candidates to target.

We find success, by pursuing the happily and successfully employed. Through our processes, we then determine if your opportunity could be a match.

Ready for a partnership that will support your growth?