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What kind of search is right for you?

At The Leon Group, we will do all we can to faithfully meet your need to fill your open job requisitions with the right candidate.

Let us know what you need; we’ll let you know what we can do and what to expect.

Retained Search

A contractual retainer will be a top priority search that will allow The Leon Group to devote more time and resources.  We can handle this type of search with strict employer confidentiality.  Fees are split with a payment of one-third to begin the search, one-third once a set number of candidates are provided and, a remaining one-third on the start date of the employee.

Semi Retained Search

The Leon Group can provide a fee structure to cover our research and recruiting efforts when ensuring a more focused search.

Contingency Search

The Leon Group can participate with the client as a preferred search agent.  The Leon Group can be an ongoing recruiting resource where we fill current job openings and refer new talent as they become available.  Our fees are based upon a percentage of the annualized starting salary and are all guaranteed.  No fee is due until the start date of the new employee.

We will review these options in more detail and review the costs and upside of each during our first meeting.

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