Recruiting Solutions


“Phil Leon is truly the first recruiter that I’ve worked with that I’ve liked.  Perhaps that betrays something about my personality, but there it is.

The reasons I have enjoyed working with Phil and his team is that Phil truly promotes and executes a consultative approach first and foremost.  He and his team worked hard and invested their time in understanding me, my style, my values, my hiring process, and my needs.  At the same time, they got to understand our overall organization and its culture and needs as well.  What’s more, Phil and his team do not push candidates down my throat (something that I’ve experienced a lot with recruiters).  They sent some people my way, solicited my honest and candid feedback, and then got better and better at sending me the type of candidate that I wanted (even when I didn’t explicitly know or say that I wanted that).

The Leon Group has placed three people at our company, in three different positions, over this past year or so.  All three have made a positive impact on the organization.  Phil is persistent, which serves him well in his industry.  But he understands how I prefer to communicate, and is persistent within reason (not filling my voicemail box every week).  I would recommend The Leon Group to anybody looking for a recruiter who delivers top quality to meet your needs.  Phil and his team will be truly consultative, and make you feel like you’re the most important client they have.”  J.G., VP with a Progressive Technology Software Provider

“The Leon Group demonstrates a sincere interest in developing a true partnership and becoming an arm of our organization. They work with me to go beyond understanding the requirements of the role and into understanding the overall strategy of the company as well as the value that each position carries toward achieving those goals. They provide insight and excite candidates about the opportunities by helping them understand the differentiators within the company because they care about what we’re doing. I’ve spent countless phone conversations talking with Phil and his team not about positions and candidates, but about the business goals as they share with me their own experience and insight. Because of the relationship they have developed with my organization, they are able to identify future employees who are not only functional fits for the roles they are helping me fill, but cultural fits for our fast-paced, evolving and growing organization.” L.S., Executive Management, Advanced Analytics eDiscovery Service Provider

“I have worked with The Leon Group for the last year.  They have proven to be an excellent resource in sourcing both sales and pre-sales candidates.  The Leon Group works to understand the details of the job requirements with precision. The candidates they submit are well qualified and have the necessary drive, experience, and track record we demand.”  B.M., Executive VP of Sales, an Analytics and Technology Software Company