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Exceed Objectives and Achieve Success: Work Smarter, Harder and Longer

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s no surprise that all three of the above strategies need to be applied. This is all the more imperative when one transitions into a new organization.

As a recruiter, I work largely with experienced sales professionals, business development management, subject matter experts, strategy executives, managing directors, directors and consultants – those who are responsible for revenue growth. As a former hiring manager and team builder, I learned quickly about those who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices – and those who are not. Historically and now, those who succeed incorporate all three attributes – all the time.

Work Smarter:

Take a comprehensive and strategic approach to this new position:

  • Know your responsibilities and understand the nuances and granularity in the steps you will need to take to achieve company, client, business and personal goals
  • Prepare objectives and show a precise plan for how you will get there.
  • Define the actions, activities and attitude that will help you thrive.
  • Determine exact metrics and measurements that hold both you and your new employer accountable.
  • Collaborate with all stake holders to set up for unified success.
  • Have consistent and constant interactions
  • Design an iterative and on-going process of communication.

Work Harder:

Remember, there is competition – and lots of it. The process to identify, attract and (as crass as this is) extract business is difficult. In this competitive environment, trust is harder to establish. It is harder for buyers to see differentiators as reasons to make change. There are more decision makers in the buying process, making it harder to move through the sales cycle. The event-to-buy is entirely harder to come by. This means that every minute counts and every opportunity needs to be qualified and quantified. And too, this means that a sense of urgency must be deployed and each activity needs to be maximized; this in itself is harder and so will require more hard work towards meeting and exceeding goals.

Work Longer:

I would like to think that if you have a smart plan and work diligently on it each day that results will come swiftly. This is often not the case – especially when one takes on a new role. It is imperative to create successes right off the bat, to the extent one can make this possible. As it is, the sales cycle takes longer, so this means you should exert more time each day to help maximize the opportunity for success – especially in the beginning.


Smart employers today know what it takes to create success and expect to see that demonstrated in the hiring process. When seeking career opportunities, the right recruiter, will help you define and refine your goals and with this, help you to work through the engagement process successfully. You deserve to find a place where you can excel and be rewarded. Identify that place with the aid of the right recruiter, apply the work smarter, harder and longer methodology, and you will find longevity, growth and prosperity. What do you think employers expect today? What has been your experience?




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